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Management Tools

GHSA has produced the following resources to help State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) most effectively manage their behavioral highway safety programs.

Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Advisory

November 2014

MOE Advisory cover page

This document PDF [191 KB, 6 pgs.] provides advice regarding the annual calculation of maintenance of effort (MOE) required of the states to qualify for three of the Section 405 grant programs. The Advisory is based upon the official NHTSA Guidance and includes examples from three states.

Each state is responsible for calculating their MOE in a manner which they believe meets the statutory requirement using their best available information.

GHSA Policies and Procedures Manual

Updated to reflect MAP-21 requirements.

GHSA Policies and Procedures Manual cover page

This manual is a guide to assist staff in administering the NHTSA traffic safety grant program in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

It is intended for use by SHSO personnel, Department of Transportation employees, state and local government officials, and anyone interested in the procedures which are followed by the SHSOs.

Management Review (MR) Materials

Additional MR materials are available exclusively to members. Log in to and click on Members Only, then Management Review Materials on the left side navigation.

MR and Deadline Reminder Table

Updated March 2015

Management Review and Deadline Reminder Table cover page

This table Word doc icon [194 KB, 15 pgs.] can assist states in: tracking key Management Review Elements; identifying important deadlines; and identifying best practices related to the Highway Safety Performance Plan, monitoring and grant management.

The table is a Microsoft Word document to allow for easy modification. Simply save file to your computer and open it in Word.

Management Review Self Assessment Checklist

File Date Description File Size
Checklist Word icon March 2015 Tool for states to assess their grant funds administration prior to and between MRs 1.1 MB, 51 pgs.
Timeline Word icon March 2015 Schedule for implementation 141 KB, 3 pgs.
Changes to MR Elements PDF March 2015 Changes to the MR Elements (12/2014) as they affect the prior version of the MR Self-Assessment Checklist. 264 KB, 9 pgs.
MR Self Assessment and MR Related Issues Review PDF Sept. 2011 Training given at GHSA Business Meeting 232 KB, 50 pgs.
Purpose and Instructions PDF May 2011 Includes project background and instructions for use 110 KB, 4 pgs.

Monitoring Advisory

Updated 2012

GHSA Monitoring Advisory cover page

The Monitoring Advisory helps SHSOs monitor the federal funds that have been allocated to sub-grantees to ensure that the funds are being spent in the manner intended.

This newly updated document includes a collection of traditional and new ideas from a number of states who have created comprehensive policies and procedures, developed handy checklists, designed unique forms, launched electronic systems, and more.

Transparency Requirements

GHSA Monitoring Advisory cover page

This page includes information SHSOs need to comply with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) reporting requirements.

Additional Management Resources

NHTSA Highway Safety Grant Management Resources Site
This site provides information to assist State and Federal professionals to manage highway safety grant programs administered by NHTSA. Included are: U. S. Codes, Code of Federal Regulations, and OMB Circulars; NHTSA Grant Funding Guidance including MAP-21; Section 402-grant guidance; Glossary; and Guidance on selected traffic safety topics.
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal Audit Clearinghouse
Supports OMB oversight and assessment of federal award audit requirements.