2016: Highway Safety Year in Review

The below article is excerpted from GHSA's Directions in Highway Safety member newsletter.

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December 2016 Newsletter

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Apply for Associate MembershipJanuary – Autonomous vehicles are center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In conjunction with that event, GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins meets with AASHTO, AAMVA and other stakeholders to discuss the impact for states.

February – NHTSA holds a series of safety summits across the country to address the recent spike in traffic fatalities. GHSA’s Chair Jana Simpler joins the final summit in Washington, D.C. in March.

Pedestrian safetyMarch – GHSA forecasts a 10% spike in pedestrian fatalities in 2015 through its Spotlight on Highway Safety publication. The final data bears out this dire prediction.

April – GHSA and Responsibility.org announce the first-of-its kind availability of grant funds for states to train law enforcement officers to better detect drug-impaired drivers

MotorcyclistsMay – Motorcycle Safety Month kicks off with a new GHSA report projecting a 10% increase in motorcyclist fatalities in 2015 and recommending steps to turn this trend around.

June – GHSA and Ford Driving Skills for Life announce the 9th year of available grant funding for state teen driving efforts. GHSA participates in the national SADD conference to help influence positive teen driver behaviors.

Red LightJuly – GHSA supports new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrating the effectiveness of red light cameras.

August – NHTSA announces an alarming 7.2 percent increase in 2015 traffic fatalities at the GHSA Annual Meeting in Seattle. GHSA and State Farm® release the first in-depth look at the issue of drowsy driving.

September – NHTSA issues new guidelines on autonomous vehicles. GHSA notes that public acceptance will hinge on confidence in vehicle safety. GHSA submits comments on FAST Act Interim Final Rule.

Teen Driving CoverOctober – NHTSA and the National Safety Council launch the Road to Zero Coalition to cut traffic fatalities, with GHSA helping guide the conversation. GHSA and Ford Driving Skills for Life report that teen driver-related fatalities were up 10% in 2015 and recommend a focus on older (age 18-20) novice drivers.

Drugged DrivingNovember – The National Road Safety Foundation partners with GHSA to provide funding to help states address drowsy driving.

December – GHSA members activate law enforcement and communication campaigns to keep drunk and drugged drivers off the roads this holiday season. GHSA and Responsibility.org invite states to apply for grants to expand drug-impaired driving training for law enforcement officers.