2018 Winner: City of Atlanta

Peter K. ORourke Special Achievement Awards
Renew Atlanta

The City of Atlanta’s innovative North Avenue Smart Corridor pilot project uses technology, data and partnerships to address traffic and the related mobility and safety challenges along a busy urban artery. In this pilot, the City installed more than 100 data-collecting sensors along the 2.3-mile corridor, implemented a new adaptive traffic signal system that responds to current road conditions, developed a connected infrastructure that connects all mobility users, and piloted an autonomous bus network that connected to the sensor system.

The City collaborated with Together for Safer Roads to combine private and public sector data to examine the causes of crashes along the corridor and suggest the best countermeasures. The result is an interactive dashboard that analyzes key risk factors and help predict crashes before they happen. The City is also partnering with the Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Tech to evaluate environmental, safety, and traffic benefits that result from this smart roadway.

Since the launch of the project, the City has seen a 25 percent reduction in the crash rate along the corridor.