Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli, Director, Autonomous Vehicle Strategy and Business Development, Lyft

Lia Theodosiou-PisanelliLia Theodosiou-Pisanelli is director for Lyft's autonomous vehicle strategy and business development, responsible for partnerships with the automotive and technology ecosystem for Level5, Lyft’s in-house autonomous vehicles division. Prior to Lyft, she was Head of Global Government Relations and Regulatory Policy for Square, a global payments company (public on NYSE). In that capacity, she led worldwide engagement with government and industry regulators at the federal, provincial, and local level. Prior to Square, she served in the Government at the U.S. Trade Representative (White House) as Southeast Asia and the Pacific Director and was a member of the core negotiating team for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). She also worked in Legislative Affairs on broad trade, economic, and foreign policy initiatives. Lia is a Truman National Security Fellow.