Informing the Selection of Countermeasures by Evaluating, Analyzing, and Diagnosing Contributing Factors that Lead to Crashes

NOTE: This project is underway as NCHRP 22-45. BTSCRP provided some funding since human behavior is a known factor contributing to many crashes.

The objective of this research is to assess best practices in crash diagnosis across crash types in modal diverse contexts, recognizing that vehicle and mode mix matters in the success of investment strategies. The research will then develop additional diagnostic tools that leverages the availability of crash, roadway, traffic volume, human factors, behavioral, socioeconomic, and demographic data to advance the art of the practice in crash diagnostics that consider both modal priority and facility context.

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Research Underway
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Alcohol-impaired driving
Older Drivers
Motorcyclist Safety
Infrastructure and Driver Behavior
Drug-impaired driving
Teen & Novice Drivers
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