Teen and Novice Drivers: North Dakota

Full Privilege Minimum Age

16 years

Learner Stage

Minimum Age (Years/Months)

Minimum Duration (Months)

Required Supervised Driving Hours (Night Hours)

14 12 for drivers under 16; otherwise, 6 months or until age 18 (whichever comes first) 50 for drivers under 16; otherwise none

Intermediate Stage

Minimum Age (Years/Months)

Nighttime Driving Restriction

Passenger Restriction (except family, unless noted)

16; 15 for a parent-requested restricted license Sunset or 9 p.m. (whichelver is later) - 5 a.m. No restriction (other than vehicle manufacturer recommendations)

*Note: Those with a restricted license may only operate a vehicle owned by their parents or legal guardian and are not permitted to drive a car with more passengers than the vehicle's manufacturer recommends.