Guidance for Developing Highway Safety Plans

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DISCLAIMER: The GHSA HSP Guidance has not been updated to the NHTSA Final Rule issued January 25, 2018. And, the GHSA HSP Guidance does not contain any information regarding the use of the NHTSA Grant Management Solutions Suite (GMSS) for FY2019.

The basic planning and process principles contained in the GHSA HSP Guidance may still be used as a general guide to overall planning even though it is not updated to the new technical requirements in the Final Rule.

Updated May 2017

This document is intended to help State Highway Safety Offices develop their federally required annual Highway Safety Plans (HSPs). It was most recently revised in May 2017. The yellow highlighted sections are those which contain additions or modifications from the previous revision in March 2016.

States are encouraged to thoroughly read both the May 2016 IFR and this GHSA HSP Guidance during the preparation of their FY 2018 HSP.

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CAVEAT: This Guidance is not a substitute for a thorough and complete understanding of the applicable Federal laws and regulations.

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