Guidance for Developing Highway Safety Plans

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DISCLAIMER: The GHSA HSP Guidance does not contain any information regarding the current NHTSA requirements for HSP submittals. This information should be obtained by the State directly from the Q&As and Waiver recently issued by NHTSA Headquarters and their applicable NHTSA Regional Office.

DISCLAIMER: This HSP Guidance is based upon the most current understanding of the applicable Federal regulations (3-26-20) and may change prior to the revised deadline of August 3, 2020, for submission of the FY2021 HSP. GHSA will continue to update the membership should new information become available. States should contact their Regional Office for assistance on specific issues.

Updated May 2020

This document is intended to help State Highway Safety Offices develop their federally required annual Highway Safety Plans (HSPs). It contains the basic planning and process principles and regulatory references, which may be used as a general guide to overall planning and compliance with the NHTSA Final Rule issued January 25, 2018. The previous revision was dated March 2019.

In May 2020, the GHSA HSP Guidance was updated to include references to NHTSA Guidance Memos issued in 2019 regarding Maintenance of Effort, Match and Paying Salaries of Law Enforcement and Prosecutors. In addition, a number of technical and housekeeping edits and link updates were made. The major revisions are highlighted in yellow.

States are encouraged to thoroughly read both the January 2018 NHTSA Final Rule and this GHSA HSP Guidance during the preparation of their HSPs.

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CAVEAT: This guidance is not a substitute for a thorough and complete understanding of the applicable federal laws and regulations.

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