Researcher, Traffic Safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
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Responsible to carry out a number of traffic research studies in support of the mission of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This individual will manage one or more studies awarded to other research institutions. Supports the Technical Director and the Executive Director of the Foundation by providing information on relevant traffic safety issues and findings on research projects. This individual also works closely with other researchers on various assigned tasks and internal technical activities. As necessary, the Researcher represents the Foundation on committees/working groups both internal and external to AAA to disseminate information on Foundation’s work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform traffic safety research on topics in support of the mission of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Carry out a variety of technical activities such as literature reviews, design research experiments, analyze data, interpret and document results, and present relevant findings.
  • Manage one or more research projects funded by the AAA Foundation to other research institutions to ensure projects are meeting their goals with minimal delays and within budget.
  • Assist the Technical Director and the Executive Director of the Foundation on a variety of issues related to traffic safety. Carry out tasks per request on specific topics.
  • Performs other related duties, tasks, requests, and directives issued from management as required.
  • Physical attendance in the company’s office is required on a schedule approved by the Executive Director.

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