Senior Researcher, Traffic Safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
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The Senior Researcher will be responsible for large and complex research in support of the AAA Foundation’s overall mission. Serves on and/or aid various internal and external committees and ad hoc task forces and manages multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced, high-visibility environment. Design and conduct studies using state-of-the-art statistical methods to identify motor vehicle traffic safety problems and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions; design all aspects of surveys (mode, sample, and questionnaire); write research reports and scientific papers. Identify research needs and opportunities. Manage technical/scientific aspects of external research.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designs and conducts original scientific research on traffic safety issues relevant to AAA. Includes designing the study, acquiring data, analyzing data, interpreting results, and writing AAA Foundation report and/or scientific paper.
  • Manages technical aspects of Foundation-funded research conducted by contractors: reviews and provides recommendations regarding study design, statistical methods, and contents of reports.
  • Reviews proposals from contractors for Foundation-funded research makes recommendations to the Executive Director regarding the selection of contractors for projects.
  • Performs statistical analyses and writes brief summaries of state of knowledge on traffic safety issues to support Club and National needs.
  • Responds to media inquiries regarding Foundation research and/or general traffic safety information.
  • Prepares presentations, reports, and other written summaries, including statistical tables, graphs, and interpretations for the Executive Director or the Technical Director.
  • Trains/mentors Researchers/Associate Researchers regarding data analysis and statistical methods.
  • Serves on professional committees, panels, and task-forces (includes attending meetings, reviewing reports, etc.).
  • Performs other related duties, tasks, requests, and directives issued from management as required.
  • Physical attendance in the company’s office is required on a schedule approved by the Executive Director.

How to Apply

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