American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
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Position Summary

The President & CEO (CEO) facilitates and manages the Association’s work to enable member collaboration in developing best practices and model programs that meet the priorities of AAMVA’s Strategic Framework. The CEO ensures the integrity of AAMVA’s federal contracts management and supports the Association’s state of the art technology network that connects its members.


The position reports to the AAMVA Board of Directors with oversight from the Board Executive Committee. The CEO has the following direct reports:

  • Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Vice-President, Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Vice-President, Member Services and Public Affairs
  • Vice-President, Business Solutions
  • Vice-President, Human Resource & Organizational Development


The CEO oversees the general business and operations of the Association, facilitating effective Board governance, providing fiduciary oversight, and ensuring compliance and risk management are practiced across AAMVA and its subsidiaries. They lead executive staff to ensure responsible financial management, organizational effectiveness, effective IT network relevance and service delivery and member-focused engagement.

Organizational Leadership and Strategic Development

  • Establish a close and highly credible working relationship with the Board of Directors and senior management team.
  • Brings a servant-leader style, with the requisite humility and openness in embracing the team and modeling respect for others.
  • Lead by example with an ethical, empathetic, and positive approach.
  • Further fosters a collaborative culture of accountability and empowerment within the association.
  • Cultivates a capacity for self-reflection in the spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Advises the Board on assessing and monitoring AAMVA’s relevance to membership, its effectiveness, and its results.
  • Provides guidance and direction for AAMVA’s executive team. Strengthens capabilities to support opportunities for strategic development and future growth opportunities in information technology and member services.
  • Provides strategic leadership and direction for the development of AAMVA’s policies, resource management strategies, procedures and operations across all departments and functions.
  • Communicates AAMVA’s values and strategic direction throughout the entire organization as well as its membership.


  • Advises the Board on governance issues and on committee functions and responsibilities and periodically evaluates their performance and relevance.
  • Consults with the Board on long-range strategic issues.

Process and Technology

  • Oversees the distribution of timely knowledge, information, and services to its membership.
  • Collaborates with AAMVA’s Senior VP for Technology in the development and operation of cutting-edge information technology services, tools, and processes necessary for the AAMVA membership to achieve maximum productivity at reasonable cost.
  • Leverages and manages the information technology capability of AAMVA for new business opportunities in both the State and Federal sectors.
  • Ensures program quality and organizational efficiency through developing and implementing standards and controls, systems and procedures, and performance measurements.

External Relations and Communication

  • Represents AAMVA at conferences and other significant meetings that benefit the association.
  • Ensures that the organization’s public voice, tone and style are consistent with its mission, image, and objectives.
  • Represents the organization externally to communicate organizational goals, through media interviews, leadership within the community and public speaking before key audiences.
  • Builds productive relationships with strategic external partners and customers; sustains and grows support for the organization from supporters and other external stakeholders.

Budget and Finance

  • Oversees the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting, audit, investments, technology, and capital improvements.
  • Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Works with the Board, Chief Financial Officer and Finance, Audit and Investment Committee to maintain the organization’s financial viability and compliance.

Legal and Regulatory

  • Oversees the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitors compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ensures that government contracting, and procurement requirements are met.

Human Capital Management

  • Commits to a work environment that effectively recruits, manages, develops, evaluates, supports, and retains quality staff.
  • Ensures systems are in place and resources are provided for staff development and succession planning.
  • Ensures that AAMVA offers competitive and cost-effective compensation and employee benefits.

How to Apply

Click here for more information. To apply, contact Craig M. Stevens at to express interest in the position.