Deputy Commissioner of Transportation

Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)
Job Status
Position Type/Sector
Government – State

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is seeking experienced professionals to serve as Deputy Commissioner (“Deputy”). The Deputy will play a key role in managing, administering, and implementing all programs, projects, and operations of CTDOT.

The Role

As Deputy, you will lead and manage a broad portfolio including multiple Bureaus responsible for the operations and functions of the agency and Connecticut’s intermodal transportation network. Working alongside the Commissioner, you will advance the strategic direction of the Department and provide leadership to a hard-working and growing team of employees. This will be key to ensuring CTDOT effectively plans and executes the historic transportation investment authorized in the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which provides CTDOT with $5.38 billion in federal formula funding over a five-year period and the opportunity to secure additional competitive discretionary grants that will transform the state’s transportation system for this generation and the next.

Examples of Duties

  • Be part of an executive leadership team that reports directly to the Commissioner.
  • Manage a broad portfolio that could encompass engineering, finance, public transportation, and planning, among others.
  • Utilize your superior skills in organizational development, project management, oral and written communications, policy formulation, problem solving, and collaboration.
  • Lead by showcasing your demonstrated record of achievement in the transportation, construction, or public administration sectors.
  • Help move Connecticut forward with new historic levels of funding that will reshape the state’s transportation system, lead a diverse team of talented and dedicated public employees, and ensure fiscal prudence and efficiency in a large capital and operating agency.

How to Apply

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