Office Director – Office of Analysis, Research and Technology

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
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This position serves as the Director of the Office of Analysis, Research and Technology (Director) and reports to the Associate Administrator for Research and Registration.


The Office Director - Office of Analysis, Research and Technology:

  • Is responsible for work performed by other supervisors who oversee the work of professional and technical employees that identify major analysis, research and technology needs of FMCSA and conducts research related to driver, vehicle, and carrier issues, through in-house, contract, Congressionally-mandated and jointly-funded studies with other elements of the Department and the private sector.
  • Is responsible for decisions on technical and personnel problems presented by supervisors; reviews performance evaluations; assures reasonable equity of individual employee performance objectives, standards and rating among supervisors; approves selections for non-supervisory positions and recommends selections for supervisory positions.
  • Allocates limited resources to the highest priority projects, and plans, manages, and supervises assigned staff (professional, technical, and administrative personnel) through subordinate supervisors; and
  • Considers the impacts of the total body of research and analysis on Federal policy, industry regulations and standards and takes steps to keep the latest research data available to the top leadership in FMCSA and the Department. Provides technical advice (orally and written) to the highest levels of the agency on trends and developments in motor carrier safety research.

The Director is responsible for the development and management of a suite of analysis, research and technology projects with the goal of improving the safety and compliance of the motor carrier industry. The primary responsibility of the Director is to oversee three divisions, each led by a GS-15 Division Chief, consisting of professional and technical subject matter experts in the fields of analysis, research and technology.

The ideal candidate is a career professional who has experience with managing, supervising and leading teams of professional and technical employees who perform work that involves designing, developing, and adapting mathematical, statistical, econometric and other scientific methods and techniques to applied research and analysis projects. Additionally, the ideal candidate must demonstrate the ability to maintain relationships with other government agencies, industry, and academia to solve problems involving FMCSA interests.

How to Apply

Click here for more information and to apply. This job will close on April 19, 2021, or when 50 applications have been received, which may be sooner than the closing date.