Highway Safety Specialist

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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You will serve as a Highway Safety Specialist and report to the Chief, Enforcement and Justice Services Division within the Office of Safety Programs (OSP). The office has national responsibility for developing and improving highway safety programs aimed at increasing equitable traffic law enforcement initiatives and partnerships that address contemporary law enforcement issues, including equity, procedural justice and legitimacy to reduce highway crashes, deaths and injuries.


The Highway Safety Specialist:

  • Develops and manages programs designed to improve equitable highway safety activities and provides technical assistance to states, communities, national advocacy groups, and NHTSA Regional offices in all facets of comprehensive and equitable traffic law enforcement countermeasures and prevention programs such as alcohol and drug impaired driving, speeding, occupant protection, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc.
  • Participates and represents the division at conferences and meetings of Federal, State and local government agencies and national and State organizations (e.g., law enforcement, criminal justice, injury prevention, public health and others), make presentations on NHTSA traffic law enforcement countermeasure programs policies and strategies, and solicit input to inform future development of NHTSA program strategies and policies.
  • Participates in activities by presenting programs and policies and initiating appropriate action, resolutions, and measures to ensure achievement of the objectives of NHTSA programs, to include equity, procedural justice, legitimacy and other contemporary law enforcement issues.
  • Participates in program and budget activities in cooperation with other NHTSA Offices, Divisions, and Regions to develop short- and long-range plans to increase traffic law enforcement activities and countermeasures by using a variety of research, strategies, policies and demonstration programs.
  • Conducts necessary research and drafts documents, fact sheets, correspondence, brochures, announcements, speeches and testimony related to a variety of highway safety issues.
  • Develops background material, analyses, and correspondence, as requested.
  • Works effectively with technical and complex issues, analyzes data to identify problems, trends and countermeasures while under pressure and tight time frames.

The ideal candidate for this position possesses experience and a solid understanding of behavioral highway safety, injury prevention and public health issues, programs and policies, especially as they relate to traffic law enforcement countermeasures. The candidate should have experience in behavioral traffic safety program development and strategies, particularly as they relate to the engagement of the traffic law enforcement communities at the National, State and local jurisdictional levels, along with knowledge and understanding of how traffic law enforcement issues, including procedural justice, equity and legitimacy fit in the highway safety paradigm. Experience as a sworn law enforcement supervisor and/or manager, or significant experience within/with a law enforcement agency or related organization/association is preferred but not required. Experience working with Federal agencies, National organizations and associations, community groups and grassroots organizations would be helpful. The candidate should have the ability to work effectively on matters that involve technical and/or complex issues. The candidate should have strong organizational, analytical, interpersonal and communications skills.

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