Highway Safety Specialist

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
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Government – Federal


The candidate serves as a Highway Safety Specialist in the Safety Countermeasures Division, Office of Safety Programs, Research and Program Development, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Provides detailed program assistance to management responsible for providing national leadership in developing and improving highway safety programs aimed at reducing highway crashes, injuries, and fatalities.


The Highway Safety Specialist:

  • Develops and manages programs designed to improve highway safety activities and provides technical assistance to states, communities, national advocacy groups, and the Regions in all facets of comprehensive prevention programs such as motorcycle safety, pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, pupil transportation safety and older driver safety.
  • Represents the Office of Safety Programs (OSP), as directed, in program specific trade associations and as an Agency representative with other similar professional associations. Actively participates in activities by presenting programs and policies and initiating appropriate action, resolutions, recommendations, policies and measures to ensure the objectives of NHTSA programs.
  • Participate in program planning and budget activities, in cooperation with other NHTSA Offices, Divisions, and Regions, resulting in development of demonstration projects and new countermeasures strategies.
  • Represent NHTSA at meetings with other Federal agencies and present NHTSA policy and programs on traffic safety issues.
  • Work effectively with technical and complex issues, analyze data to identify problems, trends, and countermeasures while under pressure and tight time frames.

The ideal candidate for this position possesses a broad based general knowledge of highway safety particularly as it relates to changing attitudes and behavior of the driving public. The individual must be capable of managing procurements and evaluating technical information and reports related to motor vehicle crashes through the use of database structures and software applications. The candidate must also analyze technical reports to propose and support specific actions and recommendations based on these assessments. To be successful at assisting the agency in its goal of identifying and eliminating motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities, the ideal candidate must be a self-starter, work with minimal supervision, possess strong interpersonal skills, and be able to communicate effectively.

How to Apply

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