National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

There are two vacancies for this position, which is telework eligible.


You will serve as a Program Analyst, commonly known in the field as a Regional Program Manager. The incumbent will assist with technical and administrative analyses that lend to guidance on traffic safety and related programs to States and communities in formulating, developing, managing, and evaluating their grants, under the tutelage of the Regional Administrator(RA) and Deputy Regional Administrator (DRA).


  • Perform oversight activities and help grantees maintain compliance with federal regulations, agency policies and guidance.
  • Advise State partners of regulations governing program activity and their application within State systems/conditions, and work to detect and resolve regulatory problems and situations that arise.
  • Assist in planning, designing, and executing regional efforts to support NHTSA traffic safety campaigns, as well as guide state and community officials within their assigned program(s) on these national initiatives.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with federal, state and local highway safety officials involved in highway safety programs, as well as representatives of non governmental safety organizations and other non-profit and advocacy stakeholders.
  • Responsible for analyzing subject-matter data, research and current best practices, and recommending various departments, contractors, or outside organizations to determine appropriate countermeasures and resources for States and local communities.

How to Apply

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