Research Assistant (Epidemiologist 2/Non-Medical)

Washington Traffic Safety Commission
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Washington’s Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) leads statewide efforts and builds partnerships to save lives and prevent injuries on our roadways for the health, safety, and benefit of our communities. Our small agency of just 27 employees manages Washington’s behavioral traffic safety programs that have a direct impact on preventing impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, and other high-risk behaviors that lead to traffic death and injury. Join our team today to help make Washington’s roadways the safest in the nation!


The Research and Data Division collects and maintains data used in various facets of traffic safety and analysis. The Research Associate supports the agency’s mission by performing data analysis and surveillance relevant to traffic safety issues in Washington State and nationally. This position works closely with the Research Director to develop and conduct research and evaluation projects.
Duties include:

  • Performing data management, analysis, and surveillance of traffic safety issues. Expand your data management skills through maintenance and production of the Washington Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Analytical and Toxicology files. Analysis opportunities include data requests, special-interest reports, surveys, performance management and more! Create and maintain data visualizations in Power BI for ongoing surveillance of traffic death and injury. In addition to diverse duties across the data life-cycle, we work with a diversity of data including crash, reconstruction reports, driver history, vehicle registrations, roadway, citation and adjudication, injury surveillance, vital statistics, toxicology, surveys, population, estimates, etc. The analysis opportunities are endless!
  • Disseminating traffic safety information. Sharpen the written and verbal arts through internal and external publications and reports, presentations at seminars, trainings, conferences, and lectures. Prepare traffic safety materials and give presentations, advice, and information to constituent groups including broadcast and print media, and the public.
  • Compiling data and measures for performance-based programs. Participate on a multi-agency team to support analysis for the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Target Zero. Work with program managers and stakeholders to develop problem identification, set performance targets, and conduct project/performance evaluation. Data analysis efforts are coordinated with a broad spectrum of partners including federal, state, and local government officials, traffic safety professionals and advocates, non-profit organizations, and researchers in academic and corporate settings.
  • Be a part of data improvements.  Participate on committees of the Traffic Records Governance Council contributing to data quality, integration, use, and analysis. Provide feedback to data providers regarding analysis experiences and documentation. Develop measures for demonstrating improvements.

How to Apply

Click here for more information and to apply. The posting is open until filled; application reviews begin after April 28, 2021.