Assistant Administrator and Chief Safety Officer (Executive Director)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
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Government – Federal


The Executive Director will provide executive leadership over the development and promotion of nationwide programs to enhance the safety of motor carrier operations, vehicles, and drivers, and any other entity the agency credentials. With the Administrator and Deputy Administrator, the Executive Director establishes program policies, objectives, and priorities, and develops strategic plans for the accomplishment of motor carrier safety program activities.


The Executive Director oversees, manages, and provides executive leadership of assigned Administration initiatives.

The Executive Director will provide executive direction and program emphasis in promoting partnerships with other Federal, State and local government entities, motor carrier and insurance industries, safety interest and driver groups, the law enforcement community, and professional alliances. In addition, ensures the appropriate coordination of safety program and policy decisions has been accomplished within FMCSA, with other DOT Operating Administrations, and with other Federal agencies and ensures that executive level relationships within the Federal establishment and with officials of the States, local governments, industry and other groups are maintained.

The Executive Director will serve as adjudicator between sub-entities of FMCSA, and between FMCSA and external parties, including for safety rating processes and compliance activities. In consultation with the Administrator and/or Deputy Administrator, makes final decisions on technical, safety-related matters, and develops and advocates polices, strategies, and procedures for the international consensus on vehicle, driver, and carrier operations standards.

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