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Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety and Priorities
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Position Description

This position provides management, coordination and communications services to the Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety and Priorities. Lifesavers is the largest annual highway safety conference in the nation, bringing together traffic safety and public health professionals, researchers, advocates, practitioners and students committed to sharing best practices, research and policy initiatives to prevent motor vehicle crashes and save lives.

The more than 2,000 who attend the conference include:

  • Local, tribal, state and federal highway safety officials;
  • Law enforcement, prosecutors and first responders;
  • Child safety advocates, technicians and instructors;
  • Private and non-profit program providers;
  • Survivor advocates;
  • Auto and insurance industry leaders;
  • Public health professionals;
  • Safety and injury prevention specialists;
  • Students, researchers and academics; and
  • Transportation planners and engineers.

The Lifesavers Conference is a volunteer-led 501(c)3 non-profit organization, overseen by a Board of Directors, that provides fiduciary and policy oversight, and the Lifesavers Planning Committee (LPC), which coordinates all aspects of the program (workshops and plenary sessions) and the Traffic Safety Scholars (TSS) program. This position works with the Board, the LPC and Meetings Management, Inc., (MMI) which provides meeting and event planning services to the Conference.

The Lifesavers Conference is currently scheduled through 2024:

  • March 15-17, 2020 • Tampa Convention Center • Tampa, FL
  • April 25–27, 2021 • Long Beach Convention Center • Long Beach, CA
  • March 13–15, 2022 • Hyatt Regency Hotel • Chicago, IL
  • April 2–4, 2023 • Washington State Convention Center • Seattle, WA
  • April 7–9, 2024 • Colorado Convention Center • Denver, CO

This is a 12-month, part-time, contract position requiring a monthly commitment of approximately 25 hours. This may be less in some months and considerably more as the conference approaches. Compensation is negotiable and paid via monthly stipend. All travel expenses associated with attendance at LPC meetings and the Lifesavers Conference will be reimbursed. The incumbent may perform this position from any geographic location. Travel to Washington, D.C. for all monthly LPC meetings and to the Lifesavers Conference (typically a 4-5 day commitment, including pre-meetings) is required.

The ideal candidate will have experience coordinating major events, an extensive understanding of traffic safety issues and engagement with the traffic safety community. Strong oral and written communications skills are required. Experience in external communications, including media, is a plus.

Selection for this position will ideally be made before December 31, 2019. Candidates should email a letter of interest and resume to:

John Ulczycki
Board of Directors
Lifesavers Conference, Inc.



Assist the Track Leaders w/workshop planning, which includes:

  • Identifying potential topics & planning group members
  • Mentoring new TLs and providing on-call support
  • Providing information about new research and programs gleaned from online newsletters, e-blogs, news articles, attendance at meetings and conferences, serving on state assessments teams
  • Working w/the host state highway safety office to identify hot topics, proven/promising programs and potential speakers and monitor how TLs are incorporating this into the workshops
  • Reviewing workshop abstract submissions and providing feedback to TLs as well as monitoring action related to the submissions (accept, decline)
  • Responding to potential plenary and speaker inquiries/questions via email and phone
  • Corresponding with TRB Committee Chairs to encourage abstract submissions and workshop planning group involvement, as well as information on new and pending research
  • Reviewing proposed workshop topics, speakers & moderators and providing feedback
  • Working with MMI to develop workshop grid and workshop room assignment
  • Reviewing and providing edits/comments to workshop titles and final descriptions
  • Providing onsite assistance if a workshop moderator/speaker doesn’t show, there’s an issue with a presentation, etc.
  • Regularly interacting w/MMI staff to monitor status of information entered in workshop/speaker databases, speakers in multiple workshops and other issues
  • Reviewing all workshop evaluations and providing input to TLs for future planning

Planning Committee

  • Collaborate on development of the monthly meeting agenda
  • Review and edit agenda and attachments prior to dissemination to LPC members
  • Conduct pre-meeting planning call w/chair, MMI and Board Vice Chair
  • Attend 11 monthly meetings in DC (plus two conference calls) and report on status of workshops, plenaries, Traffic Safety Scholars (TSS) and other activities
  • Review and edit meeting minutes
  • Review overall conference evaluation and facilitate discussion during debrief & reorganization meeting
  • Collaborate with MMI to compile list of proposed workshops during Oct. planning meeting and forward to TLs
  • Review and provide suggested edits to workshop and overall conference evaluation form
  • Review annual sponsorship solicitation letter and provide feedback to Chair
  • Review and update policies reviewed and accepted by the LPC (i.e., pre-meeting/networking, videography, use of Lifesavers logo)
  • Developed and annually update track leader, workshop planning group member, moderator and speaker checklists
  • Forward LPC meeting minutes (monthly report) to the NHTSA COTR as required under the cooperative agreement
  • Write and email personalized thank you letter (from the Board Chair) to each workshop track planning group member
  • Develop sponsor thank you letter (from the Board Chair) for dissemination by MMI

Conference Promotion

  • Work with MMI to develop and edit eblast, post card and brochure content promoting abstract submissions, the traffic safety scholar program (application process),conference registration, workshops, the host city, pre-conference updates, and other topics
  • Request Governor welcome letter from state, review and provide suggested edits, forward to MMI once finalized
  • Review and edit content for printed program
  • Review and provide corrections to printed program design proof
  • Develop general press release (developed with state, which distributed it in 2013) and work with state and federal agencies (NHTSA, DOT) to disseminate it to national &state/city press
  • Serve as press contact and field pre- and on-site media inquiries, approve requests for press passes and interviews w/speakers and exhibitors
  • Handle exhibitor requests to promote their participation in the conference to ensure compliance with Lifesavers policy
  • Work with MMI to review onsite filming requests, proposed pre-meeting & networking events and single event policy issues to ensure compliance w/Lifesavers policies
  • Work w/videographer (traffic safety scholar) to film and produce 2020 conference and TSS video
  • Regularly review website content and provide edits to MMI

Traffic Safety Scholars Program

  • Serve as Chair and collaborate with TSS Committee members and MMI to:
    • Establish program schedule (application portal open, closed, reviewer deadline, selection call, notification to applications, etc.)
    • Review and revise the application including developing the essay questions
    • Review and edit the accepted and non-accepted applicant notification emails
  • Annually review and revise, as necessary, the TSS policy
  • Develop orientation content, identify speakers, coordinate technology, and facilitate session with Scholars.
  • Update TSS certificate
  • Plan & facilitate onsite pre-conference meeting w/Scholars (young professionals’ panel in 2019), which includes:
    • Identifying, reaching out to and confirming panelists
    • Coordinating onsite logistics w/MMI (room & set-up, AV needs)
    • Developing script & panel questions
  • Set-up onsite reception w/LPC members, which includes:
    • Coordinating logistics w/MMI (room & set-up, AV needs, food & beverage, registration & dissemination of Scholar checks & certificates)
    • Drafting speaker notes for LPC Chair
    • Confirming NHTSA speaker
    • Inviting & confirming guests/VIPs
    • Taking Scholars group shot, posting it on social media and forward it to the AV team for inclusion in the opening plenary presentation
  • Write TSS press release, identify university/college media contacts and email individual releases to each school (copy to student)
  • Facilitate onsite TSS debrief and review and identify action items for upcoming year
  • Provide onsite guidance at conference to Scholars as needed
  • Post announcements on TSS Facebook page and approve requests to join the group
  • Compile Scholars’ social media posts into report for NHTSA and posting on Lifesavers website

Plenary Sessions

  • Collaborate with the LPC members to identify speakers and send invitations (NHTSA, DOT) or make inquiry calls to determine their interest and availability
  • Once speakers selected, do outreach, write confirmation letters, conduct follow-up calls & emails to review logistics, AV, travel, audience make-up and topic to be discussed, etc.
  • Work with MMI to finalize speaker contracts, honorariums and hotel accommodations
  • Work with state highway safety office to firm up state speakers, write confirmation letters, conduct follow-up calls & emails to review logistics, AV, etc.
  • Draft and review scripts with master of ceremonies (opening & closing plenaries) and conduct walk-throughs once onsite
  • Collect and review speaker PPTs and videos and forward to MMI & AV team
  • Collaborate with MMI to develop run of show (schedule) for all three plenaries
  • Provide speaker & VIP photo sheets to plenary session greeters
  • Review the future host city’s promotional video for appropriateness & provide feedback to MMI
  • Draft and send thank you letters to all plenary session speakers including state officials
  • Secure speaker videos and PPTs for posting on Lifesavers website