Government Affairs Manager

National Safety Council
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Leads the National Safety Council efforts to influence public policy at the state level of government. Policy efforts focus on the NSC mission to eliminate unintentional death and injury, with a focus on eliminating motor vehicle crashes, fighting the drug overdose epidemic, improving workplace safety and other issues as needed.


Requisite Technical Expertise (25%)

  • Understands state government structures and functions to accomplish policy goals of promoting safety from workplace to anyplace.
  • Develops and executes strategies to widely disseminate strategic communications to target audiences.
  • Formulates successful strategies for building awareness of NSC and injury prevention work within state level policymakers.
  • Generates greatest impact through policy, coordinated communications and other strategies.
  • Designs presentations and written material with clear logic flow, in a precise, persuasive and audience-appropriate way.
  • Represents and speaks publicly on behalf of the organization at meetings, conferences, and legislative hearings.
  • Communicates well throughout the organization with an understanding of when to include others.

Policy Execution (25%)

  • Researches and compiles persuasive data to support policies.
  • Thoroughly evaluates all sides of an issue to appropriately respond to others.
  • Collaborates internally to understand and incorporate work across NSC on workplace safety, impairment and roadway safety.
  • Stays informed of trends related to policy changes and makes necessary changes to policies in a timely fashion.
  • Understands public policy, issues, legislature and regulatory influences, as well as scientific research, and reports the most effective strategies to address the issues.

Strategic Thinking (15%)

  • Understands, develops and communicates the “big picture” goals and how it fits into and furthers the whole organization.
  • Includes others in the decision-making process as warranted to obtain good information, makes the most appropriate decisions, and ensures buy-in and understanding of the resulting decisions. 
  • Effectively leads the development and implementation of a strategy for NSC to achieve its key goals and objectives using analytical and intuitive capabilities. 
  • Ensures strategies are carried out; monitors results and makes adjustments as needed. 
  • Consistently contributes new ideas for advocacy and business unit efforts that will improve and enhance the success of the mission.
  • Collaborates organizationally to share strategic ideas in order to prepare for an enterprise-wide strategic initiative.

Relationship Management (20%) 

  • Serves as liaison to state government agencies, responding in a timely and appropriate manner. 
  • Builds relationships and manages projects across the organization and with external stakeholders. 
  • Supports work with NSC members and stakeholders to communicate the importance of government affairs to achieve the NSC mission.
  • Builds, maintains and participates in coalitions to expand advocacy efforts to support the mission.
  • Develops and implements strategies that encourage membership and other stakeholders to participate in advocacy efforts. 
  • Supports and encourages an environment that appreciates the diversity of employees’ and stakeholders’ styles, opinions and perspectives.
  • Has flexible meeting style and works to build consensus.

Project Management (15%) 

  • Able to work with staff and stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. 
  • Manages projects from start to finish with minimal oversight. 
  • Anticipates and heads off obstacles.

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