GHSA maintains data on state laws surrounding a number of highway safety issues. Below is information regarding laws in the state of Illinois. Please note that GHSA does not compile any additional data on state laws other than what is presented in these pages. For more information, consult the appropriate State Highway Safety Office.

Teen and Novice Drivers: Illinois

Full Privilege Minimum Age

Nighttime driving: 18 years

Driving with passengers: 17 years

Learner Stage

Minimum Age (Years/Months)

Minimum Duration (Months)

Required Supervised Driving Hours (Night Hours)

15 9 50 (10)

Intermediate Stage

Minimum Age (Years/Months)

Nighttime Driving Restriction

Passenger Restriction (except family, unless noted)

Speed and Red Light Cameras: Illinois

Speed Cameras

Violation/State Law


Permitted Locations/Criteria

Construction zones or toll roads. Local use prohibited. State use only when officer is present and witnesses the event.

Citation Issued To/Liability

Registered owner/Driver

Image Taken

Tag and driver

Penalties (Traditional Penalties)

$250 or 25 hours of community service ($250 mandatory; 20 points)

Red Light Cameras

Violation/State Law


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