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Annual Report Guidance

DISCLAIMER: The GHSA AR Guidance has not been updated to the NHTSA Final Rule issued January 25, 2018. However, States may use the current GHSA AR Guidance for completion of their FY2018 AR. The changes in the NHTSA Final Rule pertaining to AR requirements do not become effective until FY2019.

GHSA Policies and Procedures Manual

Updated February 2018. Additions have been underlined for ease of identification.

Best practice requires that the State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) have in place a current policies and procedures manual which documents standard operating procedures and the management of the traffic safety program.

The purpose of this sample manual is to establish consistent program and project management procedures for staff and subrecipients to guide the administration of the states' traffic safety program in compliance with U.S. DOT, NHTSA regulations.

Guidance for Developing Highway Safety Plans

DISCLAIMER: The GHSA HSP Guidance has not been updated to the NHTSA Final Rule issued January 25, 2018. And, the GHSA HSP Guidance does not contain any information regarding the use of the NHTSA Grant Management Solutions Suite (GMSS) for FY2019.

The basic planning and process principles contained in the GHSA HSP Guidance may still be used as a general guide to overall planning even though it is not updated to the new technical requirements in the Final Rule.

Updated May 2017

Management Review (MR) Materials

Additional MR materials are available exclusively to members. Log in to and click on Members Only, then Management Review Materials on the left side navigation.

MR and Deadline Reminder Table

Updated Jan. 2018

This table can assist states in: tracking key Management Review Elements; identifying important deadlines; and identifying best practices related to the Highway Safety Plan, monitoring and grant management.

Monitoring Advisory

Updated May 2017

State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) implement behavioral highway safety programs with federal grant funds largely by sub-allocating funding to other state and local agencies and nonprofits. SHSOs must monitor these grants to ensure that subrecipients are spending their funds in the manner intended.

MAP-21 and FAST Act Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Advisory

Updated May 2017

This document provides advice regarding the annual calculation of maintenance of effort (MOE) required of the states to qualify for three of the Section 405 grant programs. The Advisory is based upon the official NHTSA Guidance and includes examples from three states.

Each state is responsible for calculating their MOE in a manner which they believe meets the statutory requirement using their best available information.

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