State Highway Safety Showcase

Move Over for Emergency Vehicles Video

Kentucky Office of Highway Safety

In an effort to protect those who protect us, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is promoting the message: Move Over. It’s the Law. The video encourages motorists to think about how it would feel to do their job as cars fly past at alarming speeds. Emergency personnel are at work, not at a desk, but on the side of the road! So, when you see flashing lights, slow down and move over.

It Can Wait for 28 Challenge

Nevada Office of Traffic Safety

The Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Zero Fatalities and the Las Vegas Justice Court (LVJC) developed the “It Can Wait for 28 Challenge” program to promote better driving habits concerning distracted driving. The program is designed to divert violators of Nevada’s “hands free” law into an educational program and ultimately gain voluntary compliance. Each agency has a role to play in the success of this program.

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