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We have been in the driver training industry for over 30 years. Most of this time we have provided equipment and instructor training for the Law enforcement community. Our new products with SKIDBIKE and the ATSS smart light system for accent avoidance, critical braking and intersection clearing exercises has put as a top provider for a wider range of customers including those training programs that service the public. The SKIDBIKE technology allows for safe braking, accelerating, and cornering practice for new and experienced riders.

Sam Schwartz Consulting

Our Washington D.C.-area office specializes in consulting services that address critical issues in the areas of traffic safety and operations. Our safety and research efforts are supported by more than three decades of practical experience, including positions held at USDOT, the New York City DOT, IIHS, and the University of Massachusetts. Past and current clients include NHTSA, FHWA, GHSA, TRB, IIHS, and the District of Columbia DOT. Visit

Reflection Band, LLC

Reflection Band, LLC developed an innovative automotive messaging platform called reflectionband®.  Reflectionband® is applied and affixed to the rear-view mirror frame of ANY year, make, and model of passenger automobile or truck and is custom manufactured to the exact color, font, artwork, and messaging specifications of each customer.

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