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A Guide for Effectively Partnering with State Highway Safety Offices

GHSA's A Guide to Effectively Partnering with State Highway Safety Offices identifies how organizations can collaborate with State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) to improve traffic safety outcomes. It explains how SHSOs operate; provides examples of partnership opportunities, both non-funded and funded; and includes a handy checklist for potential partners to reference as they work toward establishing relationships with SHSOs.

Speak Up! Legislative Advocacy Handbook

Every State Highway Safety Office (SHSO) has learned how to develop well-crafted media campaigns that can effectively influence driver and road user behavior. Efforts to influence public policy are not much different. They require the development of finely honed messages and careful, well planned delivery of those messages. Many of the rules that apply to media campaigns also apply to legislative advocacy: target your audience, don’t impart too many messages at once, and use the appropriate medium for delivering the message.

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