Product Providers

Companies that provide specific products and/or services such as ignition interlocks, grants management platforms or traffic records software.


Ometry is a risk technology company measuring road safety by compiling data from across the 50 states to be predictive measures of risk and loss.


Cognivue is the world's first FDA-cleared test of cognitive function. The health care system tests routinely for conditions such as cervical cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, colon cancer, etc. but there is no consistent standard of care around cognitive health testing.


Intoximeters has been supporting DUI enforcement since 1945. Trusted across the U.S. and in over 90 other countries, Intoximeters' instruments are built to ensure accuracy, durability, and officer safety.

Verra Mobility

Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart transportation and serves its customers by working behind the scenes to provide technology solutions to make mobility safer and easier.

ADEPT Driver

ADEPT Driver (Advanced Driver Education Products & Training, Inc.) is a science-based instructional technology company that designs behavioral interventions to measurably reduce automobile crashes.
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