GHSA Executive Board

The GHSA Executive Board consists of officers, representatives from the 10 NHTSA regions, and committee and task force chairs.

Officers are elected by the full State Highway Safety Office (SHSO) membership during GHSA's Annual Meeting. Regional representatives are selected during regional caucuses. The GHSA Chair appoints the chairs of GHSA's various committees and task forces, who serve as at-large board members. All Board Members serve a one-year term.

2021-2022 GHSA Executive Board






Regional Representatives

Region Designate Alternate
1 Jeff Larason, Massachusetts Allison Laflamme, Vermont
2 Joe Cristalli, Connecticut Daphne O’Neal, US Virgin Islands
3 John Saunders, Virginia Mark Ezzell, North Carolina
4 Lora Hollingsworth, Florida Phil Riley, South Carolina
5 Michael Schwendau, Wisconsin Craig Flynn Minnesota
6 Lisa Freeman, Louisiana Franklin Garcia, New Mexico
7 Jonathan Nelson, Missouri Bill Kovarik, Nebraska
8 Amy Davey, Nevada Karson James, Wyoming
9 Barbara Rooney, California Cecilia Javier,  Guam
10 John Tomlinson, Idaho Janet Kenny, Montana

2020-2021 Committee, Workgroup and Task Force Chairs

Annual Meeting Committee
Carol Gould, Colorado

Bylaws & Policies Committee
Lisa Freeman, Louisiana

Federal Relations Committee
Barbara Rooney, California

Financial & Operations Committee
Mike Hanson, Minnesota

Member Services Committee
Mike Sandoval, New Mexico

Research Committee
Tom Glass, Pennsylvania

Nominations Committee
Amy Davey, Nevada

Strategic Communications
Felice Moretti, Ohio

Strategic Planning Committee
Lora Hollingsworth, Florida

Workforce Development Committee
Amy Davey, Nevada

Equity in Traffic Enforcement Workgroup
Chuck DeWeese, New York

Board Development Task Force
Lauren Stewart, Maine