Moped and Motor Scooter (50 cc or less) Safety: Issues and Countermeasures

The objective of the proposed study is to investigate safety issues unique to moped and motor scooter riding, and to connect those findings with practical policy recommendations and educational programs. The research will also develop a web-based tool that can allow state safety offices or other stakeholders to create social media graphics, posters, and other visual content related to moped/motor scooter safety.

Objectives, Components, and Measures of Effective Traffic Safety Public Awareness and Education Efforts

The objective of this research is to develop a scalable framework for state highway safety offices that identifies components and examples of successful traffic safety public education and awareness efforts, outlines the critical components and steps for conducting and evaluating such efforts, and provides a framework for how to implement and evaluate efforts.

Developing On-road Driver Skills Test and Scoring Guidance for Measuring and Predicting High Safety Risk Drivers

The objective of this research is to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the current on-road driver skills tests and test scoring methods and develop guidance that include methods for on-road driver skills test administration and scoring that predicts high safety risk.
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