Research Program

GHSA selects and monitors projects under a highway safety research program chartered by the U.S. Congress. The program, the National Cooperative Research and Evaluation Program (NCREP), began in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2014 and currently receives $3.5 million annually.

Projects financed through FFY 2014-2017 federal funds (and a few in subsequent years) are administered by NHTSA with assistance from the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.

Beginning in FFY 2018, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s Transportation Research Board (TRB) facilitates most new projects through the Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research Program (BTSCRP). The name of the program was changed to BTSCRP to clarify its purpose and to distinguish it from other TRB research programs. However, the funding source and objective of the program remains the same.

As research results are intended to help State Highway Safety Offices enhance their programs, GHSA encourages states to submit potential research project problem statements each year. The GHSA Research Committee monitors and facilitates the program. At the staff level, the program is supported by the GHSA Executive Director, Programs and Member Services Director, and Research and Program Consultant.

2022 BTSCRP Annual Report