Multi-Solving Safety Approach - Stepping Away from Silos to Achieve a Safer System (BTS-24)

The objective of this research is to re-define stakeholder engagement during the development of safety plans, interventions, programs, projects, and policies so outcomes focus on multi-solving decision-making and implementation. The desired outcomes of this research would be examples of “coalition-to-action” models where diverse, cross-sectoral groups come together to co-create one or more interventions, programs, projects, or policies that can simultaneously influence multiple outcomes of interest to members of the diverse group.

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Research Status
Research Underway
Research Topic
Alcohol-impaired driving
State Collaboration
Rural Drivers
Public Awareness and Messaging
Older Drivers
Motorcyclist Safety
Law Enforcement
Autonomous Vehicles (AV)
Infrastructure and Driver Behavior
Drug-impaired driving
Driver Licensing
Citation and Adjudication Systems
Child-Passenger Safety
Teen & Novice Drivers
Research Year