State Highway Safety Office Guidance

These resources help senior State Highway Safety Office staff administer their programs in compliance with federal regulations. Additional resources are available through GHSA's member portal at (login required).

Annual Report Guidance cover

Annual Report Guidance

This guidance document is intended to assist SHSOs in developing their Annual Reports (ARs).

Attitudes Survey

Attitudes Survey

States began conducting this annual attitude survey in FY 2010. The survey contains nine questions on occupant protection, impaired driving and speeding.


Core Performance Measure Target Chart

GHSA and NHTSA collaborated to create this resources to assist State Highway Safety Offices in assessing and reporting the results of achieving the performance targets in their required Annual Report.


GMSS Resources (Login Required)

GHSA members can access information on NHTSA’s Grants Management Solutions Suite (GMSS), a system automating the entire grant lifecycle process.

Guidance for Developing Highway Safety Plans cover

Highway Safety Plan Guidance

This document is intended to help State Highway Safety Offices craft their federally required annual Highway Safety Plans (HSPs).

DISCLAIMER: The current version of the HSP Guidance has not yet been updated to include the multiple 2019 NHTSA Memo Guidance documents or the recent NHTSA Q&As issued in early April 2020 on the impact of the national emergency on the highway safety grant programs. The deadline for submission of the FY2021 HSP has been changed to August 3, 2020. States should contact their Regional Office for assistance on specific issues related to the HSP preparation and submittal.


Management Review (MR) Materials

Among the MR materials GHSA provides to SHSOs are an MR and Deadline Reminder Table and an MR Self Assessment Checklist. Additional materials are also available in the Members Only section of this website (login required).


Maintenance of Effort Advisory cover

MAP-21 and FAST Act Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Advisory

This document provides advice regarding the annual calculation of maintenance of effort (MOE) required of the states to qualify for three of the Section 405 grant programs.

Monitoring Advisory cover

Monitoring Advisory

The Monitoring Advisory helps SHSOs monitor the federal funds that have been allocated to subrecipients to ensure that the funds are being spent in the manner intended.

Performance Measures cover

Performance Measures

GHSA has worked with NHTSA to identify performance measures for traffic safety, bicycles and state traffic records systems that SHSOs can use in their HSPs and ARs.


Policies and Procedures Manual table of contents

Policies and Procedures Manual

This manual is a guide to assist staff in administering the NHTSA traffic safety grant program in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Transparency Requirements

This page includes information SHSOs need to comply with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) reporting requirements.



State Highway Safety Office Organization

This section contains information about the organization and operations of SHSOs across the country. Some materials may be especially useful for new Governor's Representatives or Highway Safety Coordinators.

State Highway Safety Offices

This page lists the highway safety offices of all 50 states, U.S. territories, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, along with their websites.

State Profiles can be found in the Members Only section of the GHSA website (login required). These pages provide information about the organization of SHSOs throughout the United States, including the placement of the SHSO within state government and key contact information.

Sample Position Descriptions

This document provides sample job descriptions for typical positions that exist within State Highway Safety Offices. It complements the GHSA State Profiles by providing specific information regarding the job duties of the staff positions referenced.

Requirements for the organization and staffing of SHSOs vary widely depending on a myriad of factors. These descriptions should be used as a reference by states to be adapted to their specific needs.

Resources for New GRs and Coordinators

Other GHSA Resources

State Highway Safety Showcases

GHSA maintains a compilation of successful state highway safety programs and activities that other SHSOs can consider replicating in their own states. States are invited to submit their own programs to be featured here

Webinars (Login Required)

View presentations given during past GHSA member webinars. Topics range from highway safety program management to effective communications strategies. New webinars are posted here after they have been presented.

To view publicly available GHSA webinars, including those on GHSA publications, visit our webinar channel.

Traffic Records Training

This page provides new Governor's Representatives (GRs) and Highway Safety Coordinators with an understanding of the critical role traffic records data play in a State Highway Safety Office's planning and evaluation efforts, data-related responsibilities and additional resources.

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