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Updated November 2020

State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) implement behavioral highway safety programs with federal grant funds largely by suballocating funding to other state and local agencies and nonprofits. SHSOs must monitor these grants to ensure that subrecipients are spending their funds in the manner intended.

GHSA developed the Monitoring Advisory to enhance the state monitoring processes. The August 2020 update contains general revisions to language, deletes references to the 2006 survey results and adds a new subsection on Virtual Monitoring During a Pandemic. The online SHSO monitoring-related forms were updated in early November 2020. This includes replacements, a new Appendix section on Virtual Monitoring and 41 new forms and policies. 

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Appendix A. State Monitoring Survey

Appendix B. Tabulation of Responses to GHSA Survey Questions

Appendix C. Policies and Procedures Samples

Appendix D. Monitoring Form Samples

Appendix E. SHSO In-House Preparation Samples

Appendix F. Miscellaneous SHSO Forms, Checklists, and Practices

Appendix G. SHSO Risk Assessment Forms

Appendix H. Virtual Monitoring

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