Drug-Impaired Driving: A Guide for What States Can Do

Drug-Impaired Driving: A Guide for What States Can Do
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This report summarizes the current state of knowledge of drug use by drivers on America's roadway and identifies actions that states and other stakeholders can take to detect and prevent drug-impaired driving.

Dr. Jim Hedlund, formerly a senior official with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), authored the report. An advisory panel of experts guided the report, and funding was provided by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org).

Advisory Panel Members

  • Glenn Davis, Highway Safety Manager,
    Colorado Office of Transportation Safety
  • Darrin Grondel, Director, Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
  • Jacqueline Hackett, Deputy Director for Policy,
    Office of National Drug Control Policy*
  • Barbara Harsha, Highway Safety Consultant, BLH Consulting
  • Erin Holmes, Director of Traffic Safety Programs, Responsibility.org
  • Duane Kokesch, Senior Attorney, National Traffic Law Center
  • Jeff Michael, Associate Administrator, Research and Program Development, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration*
  • Brandy Nannini, Vice President, Government Relations and Traffic Safety, Responsibility.org
  • Stephen Talpins, Vice President, Institute for Behavior and Health
  • Joanne Thomka, Program Director, National Traffic Law Center
  • Brian Ursino, Director of Law Enforcement, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

*Served in an advisory capacity

The views and recommendations in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of GHSA, Responsibility.org or the individuals or organizations represented on the Advisory Panel.

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