Lyft/ Holiday Impaired Driving Grant Results: Texas

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Texas consistently leads the United States in crashes and fatalities. Therefore, it is no surprise it leads in impaired driving as well. In 2021, Texas had 1,135 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, with the highest concentration in Houston at 243 lives lost.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) used a grant from GHSA, ride-hailing company Lyft and to promote and encourage safe transportation alternatives in the Houston area, which has the nation’s highest number of impaired driving fatalities.

TxDOT ran their holiday campaign throughout December and during New Year’s, promoting the availability of $20 ride credits through digital media and on social media with the support of local influencers. With funds remaining, the awarded states participated in a grant extension to provide ride credits for the 2023 Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Due to a geofencing issue, TxDOT instead promoted ride-hailing credits during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, February 28 through March 19, which drew nearly 2.5 million visitors to NRG Park in downtown Houston.

Texas broke the campaign into four promotional periods: $20 ride credits available from February 22-27 for the TxDOT Rodeo Cookoff; $20 ride credits available from March 1-6 for week one of the Rodeo; $20 ride credits available from March 7-13 for week two of the Rodeo; and $20 ride credits available from March 13-20 for week three of the Rodeo.

Additionally, the Houston County District Attorney’s Office provided alcohol source data for establishments that served patrons later arrested for DWI. TxDOT used the data to provide campaign materials with QR codes to six local bars for patrons to scan to redeem $20 ride vouchers.

A total of 794 rides were provided with this grant funding.

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State Highway Safety Showcase