Rear Seat Belt Use: Little Change in Four Years, Much More to Do

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Spotlight on Highway Safety

GHSA's new spotlight report, Rear Seat Belt Use: Little Change in Four Years, Much More to Do, explores adult rear seat belt use rates, state laws and enforcement, and public education efforts.

Download the Report (updated Nov. 2020) 

The report makes specific recommendations on how states and other stakeholders can and should save lives by increasing rear seat belt use by adults:

  • States should pass and enforce strong laws and publicize the benefits of belt use in all seating positions;
  • For-hire vehicle services should actively promote belt use to their passengers;
  • Vehicle manufacturers should install rear seat belt use reminders; and
  • NHTSA should develop programs and finalize federal rulemaking to require rear belt reminders.

The report was researched and authored by Dr. James Hedlund of Highway North, a former senior official with NHTSA.

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