Youth Active Transportation Safety Grant Results: Kentucky

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State Highway Safety Showcase

Dayton, Kentucky is a small and historic community on the Ohio River, across from Cincinnati. Residents often walk and bike for transportation. However, this is risky, as crashes can happen due to inadequate infrastructure and misinformation about road safety.

Dayton is also part of a developing network of trails along the Ohio River that will be ideal for walking, biking, and rolling. The Riverfront Commons is poised to revolutionize the way Dayton residents connect with neighboring river cities and Cincinnati, providing a safe and scenic off-road trail network. By offering students a basic understanding of pedestrian and bicycle safety, Dayton is investing in the safety and well-being of its citizens and inspiring the next generation of active transportation enthusiasts.

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) partnered with Tri-State Trails, an alliance of community advocates who aim to expand northern Kentucky’s trail and bikeway network. They used the GHSA/NRSF funding to create an educational traffic garden in Dayton. This interactive space provides children with a fun and active traffic safety learning experience.

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Traffic Garden Installation

Construction of the Traffic Garden began in June 2023. On July 15, Tri-State Trails organized a Pop-Up Bike Shop and Traffic Garden demonstration. This event featured a temporary Traffic Garden where students learned basic pedestrian and bicycle safety skills and created buzz about the permanent Traffic Garden. In October 2023, the line painting was complete, and a ribbon cutting was held to celebrate the project's completion.

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Project Communications

Tri-State Trails issued a press release and posted information about the project's progress on its website and Facebook page. Additionally, KOHS included the project in its annual transportation safety report highlighting its importance for promoting safe and sustainable education options in the region. The traffic garden gained significant media attention, being covered by two TV stations and one newspaper.

Project Impact

The installation of the permanent Traffic Garden is a valuable resource to the community, providing a safe and interactive space for individuals to learn and practice bicycle and pedestrian safety.

In the spring of 2024, Tri-State Trails and Lincoln Elementary School will conduct a student commuting behavior survey to assess the effectiveness of the Traffic Garden in changing behavior. This survey will provide valuable insights into the impact of this innovative learning tool on the local community.

In addition, Tri-State Trails is planning to organize another Pop-Up Bike Shop at Gil Lynn Park during the summer of 2024. This event will showcase the Traffic Garden and encourage families to walk or bike to school. The Pop-Up Bike Shop will offer a variety of educational resources, including safety tips and bike maintenance workshops, to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

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State Highway Safety Showcase