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Wisconsin Drive Sober Mobile App
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State Highway Safety Showcase

Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety

To help drivers avoid a drunken driving arrest – or even worse, a serious crash – the Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers a free "Drive Sober" mobile app. As part of its Zero In Wisconsin traffic safety campaign, the Drive Sober app includes:

  • A blood alcohol estimator.
  • A designated driver selector.
  • A function to find a safe ride home that uses a phone's GPS to provide contacts for nearby taxi, mass transit, and designated driver services.
  • Impairment goggles that show the physical effects of increased alcohol levels.
  • Video clips of Wisconsin's top skateboarders, BMX bikers, snowboarders and snowmobilers performing amazing stunts as seen in the Zero In Wisconsin TV spots about the “craziness” of driving drunk.

Since the app became available in March, more than 30,000 people have downloaded it onto their mobile devices. An extensive earned and paid media campaign has been employed to publicize the app.

A free download of the app is available by visiting

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    Randy Romanski
    Section Chief-Bureau of Transportation Safety
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation
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