Drowsy Driving Prevention Grant: Nebraska

Drowsy Driving NE
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State Highway Safety Showcase

In 2018, through a grant from the National Road Safety Foundation, the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office (NDOT-HSO) worked with two community colleges and one private college to carry out drowsy driving educational programming and present at lunch and learns. With the support of the local health district, NDOT-HSO was able to reach 300 students and approximately 500,000 citizens in the metro area during November and approximately 300,000 community members in the rural target counties during May and June. 

NDOT-HSO also worked with local health departments to support educational outreach for the senior driver population and provide take away cards for the attendees. The program activity gained earned media on social media platforms and newspapers.

Along with social media, NDOT-HSO used these avenues to get their anti-drowsy driving message across:

  • Radio advertising reaching over 100,000 listeners
  • Billboards placed in target counties reaching approximately 500,000 drivers and passengers
  • Drive Smart Nebraska website - http://drivesmartne.org/spread-the-word/
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State Highway Safety Showcase