Everyone Walks. Understanding and Addressing Pedestrian Safety

Everyone Walks. Understanding and Addressing Pedestrian Safety
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Partner Funded Publication

This report, made possible through funding from State Farm®, provides an overview of current pedestrian safety data and research and how states are using this and other information to address pedestrian safety through education, enforcement and legislative initiatives.

The report was researched and written by noted traffic safety expert, Pam Fischer, Principal of Pam Fischer Consulting. GHSA worked with a panel of experts to develop the report and identify the key takeaways and featured programs.

Expert Panel Members

  • Rhonda Craft
    Director, California Office of Traffic Safety
  • Vicki Harper
    Public Affairs, State Farm
  • Lisa Joyce
    Public Affairs, State Farm
  • John W. Marshall*
    Director, Office of Safety Programs
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Trenda McPherson
    State Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Program Manager,
    Florida Department of Transportation State Safety Office
  • Ian Thomas
    State and Local Program Director, America Walks
  • Allan F. Williams, Ph.D.
    Consultant, Allan F Williams LLC and former chief scientist 
    at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

*Served in an advisory capacity

The views and recommendations in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of GHSA, State Farm or the individuals or organizations represented on the Expert Panel.

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