GHSA Policies and Procedures Manual

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Updated February 2018. Additions have been underlined for ease of identification.

Best practice requires that the State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) have in place a current policies and procedures manual which documents standard operating procedures and the management of the traffic safety program.

The purpose of this sample manual is to establish consistent program and project management procedures for staff and subrecipients to guide the administration of the states' traffic safety program in compliance with U.S. DOT, NHTSA regulations.

All files are in Microsoft Word format so staff can manipulate the content to best meet their needs. To begin, save the files to your computer and open them in Word.

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Table of Contents Feb. 2018
Chapter I: Introduction Feb. 2018
Chapter II: Planning Apr. 2018
Chapter III: Project Development Feb. 2018
Chapter IV: Grant Selection and Execution Feb. 2018
Chapter V: Grant Administration and Management Feb. 2018
Chapter VI: Fiscal Procedures Feb. 2018
Chapter VII: Annual Report (AR) Feb. 2018
Chapter VIII: Closeout Feb. 2018
Glossary: Definitions and Acronyms Feb. 2018
Appendices Feb. 2018
Index Apr. 2018
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