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Teens and Tire Safety

Since 2014, Michelin has been working to promote the inclusion of tire safety information in new-driver training materials through its Beyond the Driving Test program. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have committed to include this information.

In August 2020, GHSA partnered with Michelin North America to survey U.S. parents of novice drivers to determine if the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their teens’ driver education/licensing. A news release and infographic discussing the survey findings were released on October 19 in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week. This was followed by a satellite media tour, during which GHSA and Michelin officials discussed the survey findings and offered tips to help parents fill the gap in formal training caused by the pandemic. Michelin also addressed the importance of parents teaching their teens how to check tire tread depth and air pressure, which affect vehicle safety. The tour generated more than a dozen television interviews with local network affiliates and nationally syndicated outlets.

The survey findings and tips were also shared via social media. In addition, GHSA provided the news release and infographic to the State Highway Safety Offices, as it presented an opportunity to promote state and/or partner teen driving resources.