Check To Protect
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One in five vehicles on the road today has an unrepaired safety recall. GHSA is partnering with the National Safety Council (NSC) to spread the word that it is important – and easy – to check a vehicle’s recall status and schedule a free repair as soon as possible through the national Check To Protect campaign.

Check to Protect GraphicDrivers can enter their vehicle identification number at or directly on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website for a full report of their vehicle's recall status. The 17-digit VIN can be found in the lower left corner of a vehicle’s windshield, on the inside of the driver-side door, on the vehicle registration card and possibly on insurance documents. Getting a recall repaired is free of charge to the vehicle owner.


GHSA and its members use their social media channels to help promote the campaign year-round and during key times of the year such Vehicle Safety Recalls Week (the first week of March), the summer travel season, major holiday travel periods and the end of daylight savings time.