Getting It To Click! Connecting Teens And Seat Belt Use

Getting It To Click! Connecting Teens And Seat Belt Use
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Partner Funded Publication

This report, made possible with funding from The Allstate Foundation, details promising programs and practices that states are using to encourage teens to wear their seat belts every time they drive or ride in a vehicle. The programs listed can serve as road maps to other states and stakeholders concerned about keeping young drivers safe on our roads.

Opportunities for improving the response to insufficient teen seat belt use are also identified, as well as recommendations for states to consider as they mobilize resources and programs to address this critical issue.

Expert Panel Members

  • Kathy Bernstein Harris, National Safety Council
  • Anita Boles, National Organizations for Youth Safety
  • Hilda Crespo, Aspira
  • Chuck DeWeese, New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee
  • Sandy Sinclair, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Allan Williams, Researcher
  • Jonathan Adkins, Governors Highway Safety Association
  • Laura Glaza, The Allstate Foundation
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