Puerto Rico

GHSA maintains data on state laws surrounding a number of highway safety issues. Below is information regarding laws in Puerto Rico. Please note that GHSA does not compile any additional data on state laws other than what is presented in these pages. For more information, consult the appropriate State Highway Safety Office.

  • Bicyclists and Pedestrians

    No bicycle helmet laws.

  • Child Passenger Safety

    Child Restraint Required

    4 yrs or under in child safety seat

    4-8 yrs or under 57" tall in booster seat

    Under 12 yrs in rear seat

    Adult Safety Belt Permissible

    9 yrs or under or 57" or taller

    Maximum Fine for 1st Offense


  • Distracted Driving

    Hand-Held Ban?

    Yes. Primary law.

    All Cell Phone Ban?

    School Bus Drivers


    Novice Drivers


    Text Messaging Ban?

    All drivers. Primary law.

  • Motorcyclists

    Universal helmet law.

  • Seat Belts

    Type of Law


    Who Is Covered?

    Riders 9 and over or 57" and over

    In What Seat?


    Maximum Fine for 1st Offense