GHSA maintains data on state laws surrounding a number of highway safety issues. Below is information regarding laws in the state of Texas. For more information, consult the State Highway Safety Office.

  • Alcohol Impaired Driving


    Increased Penalty for High BAC Administrative License Suspension on First Offense Limited Driving Privileges During Suspension
    .15 90 days if .08 or greater; 180 days for refusal Yes

    Ignition Interlocks

    Mandatory for repeat convictions


    Open Container Laws Repeat Offender Laws
    Yes Yes
  • Child Passenger Safety

    Child Restraint Required

    Under 8 yrs or under 57" tall

    Adult Safety Belt Permissible

    8 yrs or older or over 57"

  • Distracted Driving

    Hand-Held Ban?

    Yes, in school crossing zones and on public school property only. Primary law.

    All Cell Phone Ban?

    School Bus Drivers

    Yes, with minor passengers. Primary law.

    Novice Drivers

    Drivers under 18. Primary law.

    Text Messaging Ban?

    All drivers. Primary law.

    *Note: Texas has banned the use of hand-held phones in school zones.

  • Drug Impaired Driving

    DUID Zero Tolerance or Per se Laws for Some Drugs

    • None

    Marijuana-Specific Laws

    • Possession and Use: Illegal
    • Impaired Driving: None
  • Mature Drivers

    Length of Regular Renewal Cycle

    6 years

    Provisions for Mature Drivers

    85 and over: renewal every 2 years

    79 and over: no electronic or mail renewal


  • Motorcyclists

    Helmets required for all riders under 21 as well as those who have not completed a safety course or have no medical insurance (secondarily enforced). Universal helmet law repealed 1997.

  • Seat Belts

    Type of Law


    Who Is Covered?

    7 and under who are over 57"

    8 and over

    In What Seat?


  • Speed and Red Light Cameras

    Speed Cameras


    Red Light Cameras


  • Speeding and Aggressive Driving

    Rural Interstates

    Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
    75; 80 or 85 on specified segments 75; 80 or 85 on specified segments

    Urban Interstates

    Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
    75 75

    Other Limited Access Roads

    Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
    75 75
  • Teen and Novice Drivers

    Full Privilege Minimum Age

    18 years

    Learner Stage

    Minimum Age (Years/Months)

    Minimum Duration (Months)

    Required Supervised Driving Hours (Night Hours)

    15 6 30 (10)

    Intermediate Stage

    Minimum Age (Years/Months)

    Nighttime Driving Restriction

    Passenger Restriction (except family, unless noted)

    16 Midnight - 5 a.m. (secondary enforcement) No more than 1 under 21 (secondary enforcement)