Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State: 2016 Preliminary Data

GHSA's annual Spotlight on Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities projects an 11% increase in the number of persons on foot killed on U.S. roadways last year, compared to 2015. This report offers a first look at state-by-state trends in pedestrian traffic fatalities for 2016, using preliminary data provided by all 50 State Highway Safety Offices and the District of Columbia.

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Autonomous Vehicles Meet Human Drivers: Traffic Safety Issues for States

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) merge into our nation’s traffic, the most pressing safety challenge for states will be preparing human drivers. GHSA's first Spotlight on Highway Safety covering AVs, Autonomous Vehicles Meet Human Drivers: Traffic Safety Issues for States, examines the implications of new vehicle technologies for highway safety agencies and advocates.

Mission Not Accomplished: Teen Safe Driving, the Next Chapter

While the rate of teen driver-involved crashes has declined significantly over the last decade, there is still significant work to be done. A fresh look at 10 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) shows the improvements in teen-involved fatal crash rates have not been as dramatic for older teens (ages 18-20) as compared to their younger counterparts (ages 15-17), and teen drivers are still 1.6 times more likely to be involved in a crash than adults.

Wake Up Call! Understanding Drowsy Driving and What States Can Do

This comprehensive, first-of-its-kind report, made possible through funding from State Farm®, examines the cause and effect of drowsy driving as well as how states and others can best address it.

Wake Up Call! discusses legislative, enforcement, education, and engineering countermeasures being employed as well as in-vehicle technologies that are available today or on the horizon. Also provided are examples of some state best practices to address the issue, including efforts in Iowa, New York, Texas and Utah.

Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State: 2015 Preliminary Data

This report provides a first look at 2015 motorcyclist fatalities nationally and by state. Motorcyclist fatalities in the United States are expected to have increased by 10 percent, compared with 2014. The report is based on preliminary data supplied by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The report also examines recent trends in motorcyclist crash patterns and fatalities. In addition, it outlines efforts to further reduce motorcyclist crashes and fatalities.

Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State: 2015 Preliminary Data

GHSA estimates a 10% in the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2015 compared to 2014. The preliminary 2015 data were provided by GHSA's member State Highway Safety Office members. All 50 states and the District of Columbia provided data.

In addition to the state-by-state data, this report also analyzes recent trends in pedestrian fatality data and discusses state and federal efforts to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries.

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