GHSA 2023 Annual Meeting

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GHSA 2023 Annual Meeting

GHSA 2023 Annual Meeting | August 12–16, 2023 | New York, N.Y.

The Governors Highway Safety Association’s 2023 Annual Meeting was held in the heart of New York City, August 12-16. With traffic fatalities and dangerous driving at unprecedented levels, it was critical to bring together highway safety, public health, law enforcement and business leaders from across the nation to address the ongoing roadway safety crisis. The theme, “Connecting Communities: Putting Vision Zero into Action,” affirmed the importance of involving communities of all sizes in implementing proven and innovative solutions for preventing crashes. It was great seeing everyone in the Big Apple, a vibrant city that is the epicenter of the Vision Zero effort in the United States.

General sessions covered critical roadway safety topics that inspired, informed and excited. Senior government officials involved in advancing the National Roadway Safety Strategy that calls for a zero fatalities goal were invited to speak at the Monday Opening General Session. Additional general sessions explored equity and engagement in traffic safety, progress toward implementing the Safe System approach and ensuring non-motorized road users have a right to the road.

Workshops dove deep into a wide array of traffic safety topics, including speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, bike and pedestrian safety, equity in traffic enforcement, how to reach and support underserved communities, highway safety criminal justice, auto safety technology, traffic safety culture, teen driver safety and the future of the Drug Recognition Expert program.

Meeting Presentations

Presentations from the 2023 Annual Meeting can be viewed from the links below:

General Session: A Right to the Road

Workshop 6: SLOW DOWN! for this Speed Session

Workshop 8: Serve and Protect: Innovative Practices in Traffic Enforcement Equity and Engagement

Workshop 9: The Big Picture: Behavior and Other Elements of the Safe System Approach

Workshop 10: Detection and Prevention: Technology and Tactics to Prevent Impaired Driving

Workshop 11: Distracted Driving Breakout Rodeo

Workshop 16: Traffic Safety Communications: New Challenges and New Solutions


Thanks to our host, the New York Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, for helping to bring the GHSA 2023 Annual Meeting to New York City! 

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We lined up so much great content that we couldn't fit it all into the Annual Meeting! To get you even more excited about New York City and provide educational opportunities for those unable to travel, we offered two webinars before the Annual Meeting:

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law requires SHSOs to expand their highway safety planning outreach and engagement efforts. In our first pre-Annual Meeting webinar, four thought leaders shared their efforts to engage with diverse and underserved communities. Each briefly highlighted their work and then joined the moderator for a facilitated discussion exploring the importance of community authorship and ownership, lessons learned and best practices.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the counterfeit auto-part sector is a $12 billion-a-year business. But, it’s also one that is impacting the safety of vehicle owners, their passengers and other road users. Our second Pre-Annual Meeting webinar, sponsored by Honda, featured public health, private sector and law enforcement panelists discussing the real-world impact counterfeit parts have on consumers and what approaches they’re taking to combat this growing problem.