2024 Highway Safety Conference

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Nebraska Highway Safety Office

February 27-28, 2024 | Kearney, NE

The Nebraska Highway Safety Office's 2024 Highway Safety Conference will be held February 27-28, 2024, in Kearney, Neb. An agenda can be found online, and there is more information on the conference website.

GHSA Senior Director of External Engagement Pam Shadel Fischer will speak at two workshops during the conference, as listed below.

“Teen Driver Safety Success: Where Do We Go From Here?” (Tuesday, February 27)

New research shows that graduated driver licensing, driver education, peer-to-peer training, and new technologies have been the key to making historical gains in teen driver safety. But what’s next? A panel of experts will discuss how we can continue to engage teens and parents for a safer learning to drive process.  

Moderator: John Lefler, Nebraska Safety Council


  • Pam Shadel Fischer, GHSA
  • Jeanne Bietz, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Teens in the Driver Seat
  • Lt. Adam Turnbull, Omaha Police Department, Project Night Life
  • Chelsey Greene, Nebraska FCCLA

“New Community and Technological Approaches to Preventing Distracted Driving” (Wednesday, February 28)

For decades, safety advocates have tried to leverage education, enforcement and technology to control the pervasive but preventable problem of distracted driving. Learn how experts are re-invigorating distracted driving programs and embracing cutting edge enforcement technology.

Moderator: Ashley Pick, Nebraska Highway Safety Office


  • Pam Fischer, GHSA
  • Jon Nelson, Missouri Department of Transportation 
  • David Kelly, Acusensus
February 28, 2024