Data Support Analyst (Transportation Planning Specialist 3)

Washington Traffic Safety Commission
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Government – State

What You Will Be Doing

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Crash Reporting Sampling System (CRSS) are managed by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s (WTSC) Research and Data Division (RADD) and governed by a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This position is responsible for supporting the FARS and CRSS programs through record acquisition and reconciliation of traffic crash case records and information. The quality and completeness of Washington FARS and CRSS data is reliant on the analysts. Quality data is vital to support the efforts of the WTSC and its partners to eliminate Washington traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. This position is part of a three-person data collection team and will require close collaboration with the FARS and CRSS Analysts. Clear and frequent communication among team members is essential for the data collection programs.


The WTSC is recognized as a national leader in traffic safety. The agency has developed a reputation for creating and implementing leading-edge strategies to change behavior and culture to prevent unnecessary loss of life on our state’s roadways.

Leading the collection, compilation, and storage of all source records required for coding FARS/CRSS cases. Records include Police Traffic Collision Reports (PTCR), law enforcement reconstruction/incident reports, driver abstracts, vehicle registrations, toxicology reports, EMS records, death certificates, and the use of roadway geometry, maps, and interchange tools. This requires building and maintaining collaborative relationships with data providers, working through record disclosure processes and data sharing agreements, and reaching out directly to data reporters such as law enforcement, medical examiners/coroners, and others involved in filing case reports/records.

Some of what you will enjoy doing includes:

  • Managing the FARS Early Notification and Monthly Fatal Crash Counts systems through secure online access to custom data collection and tracking systems. Maintaining, with a high level of accuracy, all internal tracking documents/spreadsheets.
  • Performing CRSS quality assurance following complex decision trees and flow charts. Meeting prescribed performance benchmarks related to data entry timeliness and completeness.
  • Working closely with partner agencies to reconcile crash counts, correct source records, and obtain supplemental information needed for accurately coding crash circumstances.
  • Following all data restrictions and confidentiality requirements for accessing and storing records including the use of Managed File Transfers (MFT), appropriate redactions, and limits on the exchange of verbal information.
  • Working collaboratively on a data collection/coding team communicating clearly and often with teammates and external partners.
  • Staying up to date on crash coding procedures by attending NHTSA’s New Analyst Training and annual System Wide Trainings and coding one full FARS/CRSS case monthly in order to perform backup coding tasks when needed.

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