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Nuro is seeking an experienced safety leader and thought partner to help lead our efforts to enhance safety in the design, testing, and operation of our core products. Nuro’s mission is to better everyday life through robotics, and today we are focused on autonomous vehicle technologies that provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways while reimagining the role that automobiles can and should play in our society. In order to realize these massive benefits, we must develop and deploy our vehicles in a manner that protects public safety and earns the public’s trust.

We are looking for a leader who will share our vision and commitment to developing and operationalizing our revolutionary technology in a manner fully consistent with safety. This person will lead our Safety Office, will play a key role in directing the efforts of our executive Safety Committee in articulating our vision and strategy for safety, and then will help implement our strategy by working directly with managers and safety responsible engineers from just about every function across the company.


Vision & Strategy for Safety

  • Head the Office of Safety within Public Trust.
  • Play a key role in directing the efforts of the company’s executive Safety Committee
  • Preparing the company-wide Safety Cases for each of our products, reviewing and improving sections prepared by each of the relevant technical and operational functions, and providing a uniform voice and consistency to the final document
  • Serve as Nuro’s “SMS Executive” in articulating and implementing Safety Management Systems across the company.

Implementing Safety Strategy

  • Implement safety strategy through managers and safety responsible engineers in each functional area. 
  • Review and consult on Safety Case components, including V&V, prepared by each organization prior to preparation of the company-wide Safety Case.
  • Ensure accountability through dotted-line reporting relationships to safety responsible engineers across the company
  • Establish training and other requirements to improve safety education among safety responsible engineers and across the company more generally
  • Play a key role in cross-functional safety organizations and activities governing the development, validation, and operation of our products
  • Play a key role in emergency planning and response

External Role & Responsibility

  • Emerging Issues: Keep current on emerging issues in safety and autonomy, and review and provide guidance to the Safety Committee as appropriate regarding emerging regulatory and voluntary industry standards and issues.
  • Good Citizenship: Ensure Nuro actively participates in national and international dialogue on autonomous vehicle engineering and safety, and articulate goals for Nuro policies regarding safety for consideration by the whole Safety Committee.
  • Represent Nuro: Ensure Nuro is properly represented on safety matters in dialogue with legislators, regulators, industry standard setting bodies, and the media.

How to Apply

More information, including how to apply, is available on LinkedIn.